The joys of two daughters

As much as I would have loved to have been writing over the past few days, well, we've been swamped. I've had lots to write about but no time to even lay my fingers to a keyboard.

However, today I finally had time to do some much needed laundry. (As you can see, if replenishing the pile of infant clothes moves from the "must do" list to the "free time" list, you know your priorities have shifted and that you've been rather occupied.) I grabbed the most evident laundry, especially the ones needing scrubbing, and headed outside to our new laundry room. (New to us of course - the washing machine is old and the dryer isn't much newer.)

As I started the washer, and separated the laundry, I soon realized that we are now subject to three color categories. Whites, Darks, and Pinks.

Two girls, and especially one infant daughter (4 weeks old tomorrow), generate lots of cute laundry. Cute, pink laundry. (Well, its cute other than the times that it has diaper-leak spots that need endless scrubbing.) The three piles were about even in size - maybe a bit heavy on the darks, but my jeans occupy much more space than 10 burp clothes and a dozen tiny socks.

Pink laundry smells nice too (mostly). Babies, up until about the age of 2, I'd say, put off a non-diaper (non-burp) odour that conveys everything cute and sweet about babies. I swear that sometime I'm going to take a worn (but clean) sleeper and double zip-lock it so that when I'm going through the struggles of teenage girls, I can open the bag and take a whiff of newborn goodness.

And now I'm off to bed. Goodnight.