More than two years ago I bought Lauryn a dolly. If you squeeze its hand or tummy it makes little cooing or crying sounds. At first she was scared of it. Then just disinterested. But in the past two weeks she's really gotten into "Mommying" her baby. Her name is "Charlie".

After playing with and talking about the baby doll today, this sequence spilled out.

Lauryn: She's sad because she has a sore tummy

Mom: Why does she have a sore tummy?

Lauryn: Because she has a hard spot in her tummy

Mom: How did she get a hard spot in her tummy?

Lauryn: Betause she swallowed a bee.

Mom: Did she mean to swallow a bee?

Lauryn: Nope, it just buzzed right in

Mom: Oh.

Lauryn: I need to det (get) her some medicine to make it better

Lauryn: (Leaves and comes back.) I have the medicine

Mom: Did you get it from the Doctor?

Lauryn: Nope, I just found it. I would give it to her (runs away with the doll).

Audible: *slurp*

Lauryn: (Runs back) She needed FOUR parts of medicine. Now I have to burp her. (Pat, pat, pat, pat...)

Mom: You take good care of your dolly

Lauryn: I knowed how

Audible: *burp*

Lauryn: The bee flew out.

Mom: It did?

Lauryn: With her burp. Oh, no, she swallowed it again.