We had a busy day yesterday and a frustrating night the night before.

We've never owned our own television. We had loaners and old TVs, but were never in a position to purchase our own. Friday night we decided it was time, and ended up at Best Buy, ready to walk out with either a Sharp 27" regular TV or a fancy Samsung HDTV. We decided against the HDTV model because we figured HDTVs were going to improve (and come down in cost) in the near future (as confirmed by wikipedia later that night). So we moved to the till with our chosen TV.

Neither would they take my starter cheque for my new account (the only one with money at this point), nor a credit card imprint on that cheque. And despite possession of a US Passport, the ultimate identification, we couldn't even get a Best Buy credit card because I don't have a state-issued drivers license.

We walked out dejected and empty handed, but unsure if the TV would have even fit in the car. Grrr.

Saturday we wanted to go to the beach, but I but wanted to get a little wetsuit with built in lifejacket for Lauryn from Costco and more memory for the new camera. After the previous night's experience I knew I had to get cash, so we packed up, made a trip to the bank, and headed over to Costco.

After grabbing the items we had come for, we walked through the TV section and saw almost the same model TV that we'd tried to buy the night before. This time we had the cash and were still adventuresome enough to try and fit a new TV in the front seat of our car (sans boîte, bien sûr).

So we did it. I'm amazed that it fit (just barely) and I even took a picture to remember our craziness. It didn't take long to drive home and drop off the TV, followed by a trip for lunch at Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill for some fish tacos and chicken burrito.

Then, after being here for about three weeks, we finally made a daytime trip to the beach La Jolla Shores.

Lauryn goes to the beach

Lauryn was excited, but Sophia's hunger (and no reasonable place to feed her as the feedings aren't without challenges yet...) kept us from staying very long.

Lauryn and I headed down to the water's edge, leaving Madge and sleeping Sophia safely on the dry sand. I planned on dipping our toes in the water to see if it was worth putting Lauryn in her new wetsuit, but my plans aren't always the best.

Shortly after getting our feet wet, and while looking down into the water, a larger wave (still very small) threw Lauryn off balance, plunging into the sandy surf. I popped her up and onto her feet as quick as a flash, but the damage was done.

Sophia's Bath

She was shocked, and had no idea what had happened. Seconds later Lauryn realized that she was wet and, despite my efforts to convince her that it was fine and that the water was nice, the coolness of the situation made her want to go see Mom. We pulled off her wet clothes, dressed her in a more appropriate fashion, and headed back to enjoy the water.

We only spent a few more minutes before it was time to go, but the weather was beautiful, the sand was warm, and the ocean wasn't cold. We'll definitely have to go back.

I have two new sets of pictures available of our trip to Costco and the Beach, and a later set from Sophia's bath that night.